The BreadSlicer is a random AutoGlitch, AutoBreaks, Stutter free VST plugin effect.
Synchronised to tempo this plugin will take the incoming audio stream in live to cut the sound in multiples slices in order to rearrange it in a musically sensible way.
The slices are replaced to create breaks and glitches on the loop.
A random algorithm for the reverse of the sound can be applied at any time during the activation of the effect.

3 parameters:
• Slice activated/deactivated ( On/Off)
• Slice size (1/4 Bar, 1/8 Bar, 1/16 Bar)
• Slice thickness ( Gate 0% to 100% )

Available versions :
AAX, Audio Unit, VST3, VST2
For MacOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11, 12, 13 (latest update),
M1/M2, Apple Silicon compatible.
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Linux (only VST3)

Easy to use with a funny interface, and free!!!

Read a review from Bedroom Producers here.


These plugins are great. The combination of the new AcidBox and the new Instalooper works like a charm.

Jo C.

Terrific Plug-in to the TB 303


Good plugin, we should support small audio companies.

Fan W.

Instalooper3 and Breadslicer both are very easy to use, straight forward, yet powerful and versatile tools. The only thing that could be improved would be a cleaner UI and more products than just the three.


Instalooper gives me multistep loops to go from subtle movement to glitchy mayhem, AND BACK.

Peter J

Ease of use, lots of presets, a wonderful compliment to Acidbox.


It works on Big Sur iOS . And it sounds decent . With a bit more plugins as backup it comes really close to the real deal . Plus I got it really cheep .

Bjorn S.

Acid box Great Old School Vibes! I recently purchased the Acidbox plugin by Audioblast, and I’m very amazed at how great is sounds! Awesome old school vibe, and it’s easy to program and use in my DAW!

Andrew S.

Value and quality. Quite, easy and hassle free.

Shaun M.

This is a handy little TB 303 application. It doesn’t go too far beyond other 303 emulations, but it is a great little tool when you just want a 303 for the sake of having a 303. Very easy to use. The main selling point is that it is a virtual 303 that is very manageable to tweak for live use. Other software can do 303, but this AudioBlast offering is discrete and very useable.

Chris M.

Glidge FX is easy to handle.


Nice plugins, nice price, it couldn`t be better.

Gustavo R.

Versatility is wonderful, options and effects are wonderful. I know it’s basically for live, but it could be better when it’s used in automation mood. It’s a little slow to respond if the CPU is high.


Sound and programming flexibility are amazing. A more customizable/resizable interface would be perfect.

Joshua Y.

Great plugs.

Jeromey B.

Rock Solid & Innovative Plugin. Great software! I use many DAW, and it works in every hosts, even the weirdest 🙂
Unusual effects and possibility to make “glitch”, and always in-sync. I Love.
Keep The Good Work !


Nothing Simpler. Click, Click, Enter Details, Click, Done.

Andrew A.

Great sound.

Great sound , but a bit tiny controls…and also resizable GUI would be most welcome!
Also, randomization , but locked to scales would also be great addition.

Thanks for a great plug-in!


I Love these products for live performances especially Instalooper3. Special thanks to Audioblast team 🙏

Marine R.

Clean sound and great features. Clean sound and great features.
This plugin has features I could find anywhere. I appreciated particularly the effect sequencer, which will revolution he way I compose tracks ! It’s rare to find such a professional tool at this price level.
Great thanks to the whole team.

Guillaume S.

Brill how easy to use & gets great results.

Darren S.

Plug-in savings. You get excellent savings off of top notch plugins. Well worth joining and saving!

Alan S.

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