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Get the latest virtual instruments, synthesizers and audio effects.


39,99 €

AcidBox is a bassline synthesizer.
Based on a 303 emulation,
with a powerful sequencer. 
In addition, you can use 4 distortions, 1delay,
MIDI in, MIDI out –

0,00 €

InstaLooper is a simple looper.
With 5 integrated FX, reverse and pitch.
loops in seconds and likewise, glitch effects in real time. 
Get InstaLooper for free – VST, AU

About our softwares

Mac, Windows
and Linux OS.

VST and Audio Unit.

Give life to your musical ideas.

Frequently updated.

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About us

VST plugins


Our music softwares are created to increase your musical possibilities.
With an easy-to-use approach, anyone can use them.

Moreover, live music is our passion.
And we carry a special attention on creating our products to get an intuitive workflow.

Just give life to your musical creations.
Then modify and tweak them, for example during live performances on stage.

Our audio plugins can most importantly be helpful for every musician, and music producer or performer, as they’re working with most platforms and instantly ready to use.

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Joris Cléry, Guillaume Stols, Pierre Pellazza

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