Star rating 2

Nice plugins, nice price, it couldn`t be better.

Gustavo R.

Versatility is wonderful, options and effects are wonderful. I know it’s basically for live, but it could be better when it’s used in automation mood. It’s a little slow to respond if the CPU is high.


Sound and programming flexibility are amazing. A more customizable/resizable interface would be perfect.

Joshua Y.

Great plugs.

Jeromey B.

Rock Solid & Innovative Plugin. Great software! I use many DAW, and it works in every hosts, even the weirdest 🙂
Unusual effects and possibility to make “glitch”, and always in-sync. I Love.
Keep The Good Work !


Nothing Simpler. Click, Click, Enter Details, Click, Done.

Andrew A.

Great sound.

Great sound , but a bit tiny controls…and also resizable GUI would be most welcome!
Also, randomization , but locked to scales would also be great addition.

Thanks for a great plug-in!


I Love these products for live performances especially Instalooper3. Special thanks to Audioblast team 🙏

Marine R.

Clean sound and great features. Clean sound and great features.
This plugin has features I could find anywhere. I appreciated particularly the effect sequencer, which will revolution he way I compose tracks ! It’s rare to find such a professional tool at this price level.
Great thanks to the whole team.

Guillaume S.

Brill how easy to use & gets great results.

Darren S.

Plug-in savings. You get excellent savings off of top notch plugins. Well worth joining and saving!

Alan S.