AcidBox V2 is out now!

Audio Blast is proud to present you the new AcidBox V2.

A lot of the features were added:

  • New GUI resizable
  • Dark mode
  • 303 presets included
  • A brand-new ARP mode
  • A Bit Crusher added in the distortion selector
  • Fine tune per step
  • Fine time per step
  • Panning per step
  • Realtime multiple random options:

only accents, slides, notes, octaves, steps, fine tune, fine time, pan, params, all random

  • Adjustable pitch bend range
  • Use mouse wheel on knobs.
  • CTRL click to reset sliders to default values (les mini fine sliders)
  • Single clear for: note / octave / fine params / step / accents / slides
  • “Clear all patterns” added
  • transpose for MIDI Out
  • customizable value for accent threshold (when using MIDI In mode or when exporting MIDI / send MIDI Out)
  • stay in sync when bypass/not bypass
  • better MIDI export (accents + slides)
  • MIDI assign chart
  • drag n drop .303 files on the UI
  • MORE BASS (Oscillators and filter updated)
  • Available formats:




Audio Unit


Demo versions are available to try our products for:

Mac Os X, Mac Os 11, Mac 12, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Get the demos here.

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