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The Rave Generator 2 sample bank is a collection of audio samples compiled for use within the Rave Generator 2 software application. These samples may include, but are not limited to, drum loops, synth stabs, vocal phrases, and other electronic music elements.

While we have made efforts to ensure that all included samples are either original creations or appropriately licensed for use within the Rave Generator 2 software, we cannot guarantee the origin or licensing status of every individual sample.

Users of the Rave Generator 2 sample bank are responsible for ensuring that their use of the samples complies with applicable copyright laws and licensing agreements. This includes obtaining any necessary permissions or licenses for the use of copyrighted material and giving appropriate credit to the original creators when required.

The Rave Generator 2 sample bank is provided on an “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind, express or implied. We disclaim any liability for any damages arising from the use of the samples, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.

By using the Rave Generator 2 sample bank, you agree to abide by the terms of this copyright disclaimer and assume all responsibility for your use of the samples contained therein.

Rave Generator 3: Relive the Glory Days of Rave Culture

In the hazy, neon-lit landscape of 90’s rave culture, where the beat was relentless and the energy boundless, a revolution was born. From the underground scenes of Detroit to the sprawling dance floors of Rotterdam, the essence of rave, hardcore, and techno music permeated the air, igniting a frenzy of ecstatic dance and euphoria.

In homage to this golden era of electronic music, Audio Blast presents Rave Generator 3, a virtual instrument that encapsulates the spirit of the 90’s rave scene in a modern, user-friendly package. Packed with iconic sounds and classic presets, Rave Generator 3 pays homage to the pioneers of the genre while providing contemporary producers with the tools to create their own dance floor anthems.

At its core, Rave Generator 3 is a powerhouse of sonic nostalgia, featuring an extensive library of sampled chords, stabs, and synths that evoke the euphoric melodies and pulsating rhythms of classic rave tracks. From the thunderous basslines of Belgian techno to the frenetic energy of Rotterdam gabber, every sound in Rave Generator 3 is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the era.

One of the defining features of Rave Generator 3 is its ability to recreate the iconic sounds of old hardware samplers and synths, allowing producers to add an authentic vintage touch to their tracks. Whether you’re looking to emulate the gritty warmth of a classic sampler or the metallic sheen of a rompler, Rave Generator 3 delivers the goods with stunning accuracy.

But Rave Generator 3 is more than just a nostalgia trip—it’s a versatile tool that can be used to create a wide range of electronic music styles, from classic rave and hardcore to contemporary techno and trance. With its intuitive interface and powerful sound engine, Rave Generator 3 empowers producers to explore new sonic territories while staying true to the roots of electronic music.

From the sampled chords of Inner City to the relentless stabs of Underground Resistance, Rave Generator 3 offers a treasure trove of classic sounds and presets that pay homage to the pioneers of the genre. Whether you’re remixing a timeless rave anthem or crafting your own dance floor banger, Rave Generator 3 is the ultimate tool for capturing the spirit of 90’s rave culture.

So if you’re ready to take a trip down memory lane and relive the glory days of rave culture, look no further than Rave Generator 3. With its authentic sounds, classic presets, and intuitive interface, Rave Generator 3 is the perfect companion for producers looking to channel the energy and excitement of the 90’s rave scene into their music. So fire up your DAW, crank up the volume, and let the rave begin.

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