Blast Delay is out now!

Introducing our new effect plugin, Blast Delay!

Blast Delay is a digital delay with an individual step sequencer for each delay parameter : 
dry/wet, volume, time, feedback and filter.
You can sequence delay time changes, volume changes, etc.. synchronized with the host.
A “pitch mode” simulate the behaviour of old school delays : the pitch of the echo is increasing or decreasing when changing the time while playing : pitch increase/decrease level is configurable in settings.
A “freeze button” allows you to freeze the delay buffer, playing the wet part of the delay like a loop.
The filter works in the feedback loop, and can be used as lowpass or hipass.
A “ping pong mode” act like an autopan for delayed signal.
The delay time can be set freely or by fraction of host time (from 1 BAR to 1/128BAR)

AudioBlast Blast Delay

Demo versions are available to try our products for:
Mac Os X (from 10.12), Mac Os 11, Mac Os 12, Mac Os 13, M1/M2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11.

More information, from our Youtube channel :

Here’s a demo from our Soundcloud stream :

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