How to route AcidBox V2 MIDI out in Ableton

AcidBox MIDI layering with Operator.

The MIDI notes from the AcidBox sequencer will be sent to a virtual instrument or a hardware external instrument.

First Open the I/O panel

Select “MIDI From” AcidBox on your selected virtual instrument (here Operator)

On the second drop down list below the “MIDI from” drop down list you selected above, select AcidBox channel.

On the “MIDI Monitor” click the “In” button to receive the MIDI notes from AcidBox in real time.

Press “space bar” or “play button”, the MIDI out sent by AcidBox is now received by the virtual instrument ( Operator ).
You can also apply this method to send the MIDI from AcidBox to external hardware instruments.

Get more information about I/O in Ableton here:

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