New update for Instalooper3

We updated the InstaLooper3 to improve its compatibility and stability.
A lot of new features are now available to increase this powerful glitch plugin.
We made a lot of tests and you can replace the old one with the new one, all the parameters and sequences are saved as before, just install and enjoy the new possibilities. You’ll find all the details of this major update below.

  • AAX compatible with Pro Tools Silicon Mac OS
  • Linux version (VST3)
  • fixed resize issue in Ableton
  • fixed UI position issue on external screen with Studio One
  • fixed UI parameters not in sync at startup on Studio One (Windows)
  • added popup menu for preselected step sequence
  • added value display in step sequencer (Right Click on sequencer to view the pre-selected drawing sequences pop up menu )
  • added option to remove the ternary loop sizes (1/2T 1/4T 1/8T 1/16T)
  • added knob speed
  • added “autoselect” param sequencer
  • step display graphics smoother
  • fixed bug with button mode lost on UI close
  • fixed problem with on/off automation recording
  • fixed sync problem when pitch param is sequenced
  • fixed menu/dropdown highlight bug on external screen (Mac OS)
  • added possibility to remove “fast sync” : this forces the loops to start only on beats
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