New update for Instalooper3

We updated the InstaLooper3 to improve its compatibility and stability.A lot of new features are now available to increase this powerful glitch plugin.We made a lot of tests and you can replace the old one with the new one, all the parameters and sequences are saved as before, just install and enjoy the new possibilities. …

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AudioBlast is on Loot Audio

We’re proud to announce that you can now buy our plugins at Loot Audio. Click here to see our products on their site, or check out our shop. Loot Audio is a deep resource of unique and inspiring Virtual Instruments, Sample Libraries, Presets, Plugins and Sounds made by talented developers from all around the globe. …

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Mininn Drum

Mininn Drum is out now!

Mininn Drum is a drum machine plugin, an adaptation of the Linn Drum.We created three different sound ROMs with a selection of different sounds to get a global approach of the famous drum machine. The ROM 1 is a selection closer to the LM-1, the ROM 2 closer to the 9000 Version, and the ROM …

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AcidBox V2 is now NKS available.

AcidBox V2 303 plugin now supports Native Instrument’s NKS extended plug-in format.NKS brings intuitive and seamless interaction between AcidBox V2 and Komplete kontrol S-Series keyboards and Maschine hardware. The low keys notes have been mapped to trigger patterns, get a better access to pattern change and better control. And AcidBox V2 entire factory preset library …

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AcidBox V2 demo limitations

With AcidBox V2 now released, here are the limitations for the demo version: – Stop producing sound after 51 minutes. – No recall of settings when reloading project. – Gods of Acid won’t inspire you. Demo versions are available to try our products for: Mac Os X, Mac Os 11, Mac 12, Windows 7, Windows …

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InstaLooper3 AAX is now natively M1 silicon compatible for Pro Tools on Mac OS.

InstaLooper3 AAX is now natively M1 silicon compatible for Pro Tools on Mac OS. There are now more presets available: 54 instead of 32. Note for Pro Tools users:please delete the InstaLooper3 preset cache before installing the updateclose Pro Tools then delete the preset folderThe InstaLooper3 AAX plugin preset cache is located here : Windows …

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INSTALOOPER3 available as AAX

We are proud to annonce our AAX compatibility !!! You can now use InstaLooper3 on Pro Tools to apply and create inventive effects on drums, voices, synths or even on the master! Use InstaLooper3 effect to create breaks, short loops, glitch effects, on the recorded tracks. InstaLooper3 becomes an amazing creative and glitch tool for …

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